Erotica Books


The Theatre of Fantasies

Galena is a struggling actress in modern day New Orleans. She can’t quite pay her rent and she recently found out her boyfriend was unfaithful with one of her best friends. An opportunity arises to explore new and different possibilities if she’s willing to take the chance. The Theatre of Fantasies is renowned for its erotic plays. If Galena is willing to overcome her barriers and delve into a new world of passion, a leading role awaits and a much brighter future. Steam Level: 5

Short Stories – Series

Making it Real > Her Lesbian Daydreams (Making it Real #1)

Emma and Liz are the best of friends and have been since high school. Liz is openly lesbian, while Emma has dated men without success. Emma thought she was straight, but now she’s become infatuated with her lesbian best friend. Fantasies she’s long kept hidden lead to a tempting opportunity to make her daydreams come true. This is a short story of just over 5,000 words. Steam Level: 5


Making it Real > His Sweet Secretary (Making it Real #2)

Tempted by her sexy boss, Ethan, Ruby has fallen hard. He’s attractive, charming and handsome, and as his secretary, it’s her job to ensure he has what he needs. Growing ever-more enticed by the possibilities, Ruby decides to take the initiative and seduce her tempting boss. How will that go? What will happen? Will he be seduced by his sweet secretary? This is the second story in the ‘Making it Real’ series. Please note: This is a short story of just over 5000 words. Steam Level: 5


Making it Real > Their Stolen Moments (Making it Real #3)

A sexy romantic erotica story with a MILF and her secret lover.
Rose is a single mother who’s long missed the company of a lover. That was, until she met David. Handsome and charismatic, David is the father of her daughter’s friend. Many occasional meetings fueled his desire to know Rose better. He’s currently going through a divorce, and until it’s finalised, the lovers have decided to keep their romance a secret. But David has found his way into Rose’s heart and not just her bed, and the time is approaching when the secret must be shared. This day is unlike most others, because David and Rose have a day planned together. A day when they can sate their desires and their longing. A day when they won’t be disturbed and sex is on the cards.
This is a short story of just over 4,000 words. Steam Level: 5

A bundle of Books 1-3 of the Making it Real series is available.



The Nymphalicious Chronicles > Mischief Incarnate (The Nymphalicious Chronicles #1)

Nymphs, Satyrs and Humans! Oh my!
Ursula is a human woman on a trading expedition. En route, two of her fellow merchants discover naiads living in the forest and leave to indulge their curiousity. They aren’t the only forest beings either, as Ursula soon finds out. There are satyrs and nymphs in the woods, and as events unfold, she meets a satyr-born nymph named Aleana who has the power to change her world in fun, unexpected ways.
This is a steamy, sensual paranormal story of approximately 6,500 words, set in a new historical fantasy world. Steam Level: 5


The Nymphalicious Chronicles > Mischief Dreaming (The Nymphalicious Chronicles #2)

A steamy F/F paranormal human/nymph love story – the exciting second book of The Nymphalicious Chronicles.
Aleana is a nymph of human and satyr origins. Months before, a trading expedition passed by their forest home and she fell in love with a beautiful human woman, Ursula. Now Ursula has left to tie off the threads of her old life, while Aleana waits for her to return, hopefully for good.
Staying in the castle ruins where her mother lives, Aleana dreams vividly of Ursula, while in the dark forest beyond, her destiny and an opportunity for passion awaits.
This is a sensual short story of just over 5,000 words set in a new historical fantasy world. Steam Level: 5


The Nymphalicious Chronicles > Shifter Mischief (The Nymphalicious Chronicles #3)

Alesander Sunderlin is a snow leopard Shifter; the last of his tribe. He’s traveled widely in search of other Shifters, but so far without success, he’s mainly found distrust and violence. Hunted by a herd of satyrs, he meets a beautiful naiad (water nymph) who has the potential to save his life and change his destiny forever in the best of ways.
This romantic and sensual fantasy short story is just over 5,000 words and contains strong steamy content and language. It’s the third story in the Nymphalicious Chronicles series. Steam Level: 5

A bundle of books 1-3 of The Nymphalicious Chronicles is available.



Vixens of the High Seas > Odyssia, the Pirate Queen (Vixens of the High Seas #1)

A steamy, romantic femdom story of piracy and passion on the high seas!
Odyssia is the Queen of a pirate fleet that preys on the Western Strait. A trained swordsman and capable commander, she’s a force to be reckoned with and has a reputation to match. She is at once beautiful and dangerous, ruthless and cunning; yet she also has a softer side.
Louis is a deckhand on her vessel, the Gold Reaper. He’s handsome, capable and enchanted by his ruthless Queen. He’s also Odyssia’s secret lover and would do almost anything she asks – some things more eagerly than others.
Louis is summoned to his Queen’s cabin to handle a matter of business, but he returns to spend the night with her. This is Odyssia and Louis’s story.
This is a short story of just over 5,000 words. Steam Level: 5

Short Stories – Standalone

Sensuality in the Darkest of Times: A Short Story

Science-fiction and passion mingle in this strikingly sensual short story of just over 5,500 words.
In a world besieged by war and facing annihilation by an inter-dimensional enemy, a sanctum exists where heroic soldiers can rest, indulge their pleasures, and where humanity’s art and beauty is preserved. Lucia is many things to many people – courtesan, nurse, friend, and at times counsellor, but to Anthony… she will be his lover.
As war rages above, she and Anthony spend an unforgettable night together, and Lucia questions if it might just be worth it to love again. Steam level: 5


Allure of the Hunt: A Short Story

Jason Hunt is a vampire with a taste for the ladies. One fateful night he meets Lana, a raven-haired beauty who’s won over by his vampire charms. He takes her back to his hotel room for a night of passion, but their liaison hasn’t gone unnoticed by a mysterious woman in red who may have other plans for the lovers.
This tale of vampire erotica is just over 5,000 words in length. Steam Level: 5


Spaceship Menage

Two men, one woman – a M/F/M menage story.
William is a human warrior serving on the Rogue Hunter, a ship defending the inter-alliance border against a hostile enemy. When his alien girlfriend on board, Tabitha, breaks up with him unexpectedly, William returns to his quarters to be alone. He soon discovers his room mate Ian has company over – his lovely blonde, seductive girlfriend, Anna. She doesn’t like to see William feeling so dejected, so she decides to do something about it and Ian’s more than happy to indulge her. This is a short story of just over 5,000 words. Steam Level: 5