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Coming Soon: Selkie’s Freedom

I’ve just updated to a new version of WordPress, so hopefully my post comes out resembling a regular one because this is different. 🙂 I haven’t posted in a few months and I figured it was about time I did. I’ve been working on my latest book, Selkie’s Freedom. It’s taking me longer than with previous books, because it’s a novel. A lot of my previous Cailee Francis books were novellas, so quite a bit shorter.

I’m about halfway through it now in terms of word-count, but I’m aiming to write the remainder more quickly than the first half, if I can. Life got busy there for a while and now it isn’t to the same extent, so it’s allowing me to channel more time into my writing. I’ve found as well that some books just take longer than others to write, and like Rising Moon, this one’s taking me a bit longer.

I don’t know if you’re aware, but a while ago I wrote a short story called Iceborn Flame. It was a clean/sweet dark and light fae F/F romance that I contributed to a fiction sampler/anthology. I noticed tonight the book’s no longer available so I’ve removed the link from my site (at least in the obvious place where it was). I commissioned a lovely pre-made cover the other day from Natasha Snow Designs, and I’m going to adapt Iceborn Flame into a full-length novel.

It was a fairly quickly-written short story (I think it only took me 2 or 3 hours) because there was a close deadline to get it into the fiction bundle/sampler that I did. That said, I really liked that story and it felt magical to me, which I think is what’s inspired me to adapt it into a longer story. I think the cover I’ve chosen for it is beautiful and I have no doubt it’ll come out well when I have it done. It’s just going to take some time and a lot of work to get from here to there. 🙂 At the moment, I’m planning to work on it next after Selkie’s Freedom.

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