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Now on Pre-order – Wynter

The cover for Wynter

I’m happy to announce that I have a new book on pre-order – Wynter: A Lesfic Christmas Romance (Love and Second Chances Book Four).

I’d been planning to publish this book for a while, and I’ve actually been working on it since last year, on and off.

Each book in my Love and Second Chances series has different primary characters, although occasionally (usually supporting) characters pop up in other books as the stories are set in the same world.

I’ve been intending to write another Christmas romance since A Touch of Christmas Magic (which was a standalone book), so here we are. I’ve set a release date of November 11th, 2022 and Wynter will be in Kindle Unlimited. It’s currently on pre-order here on Amazon.com and here on Amazon.co.uk.

Read about Wynter:

Christmas is a time for music, mistletoe, and most of all, second chances

Wynter Collins guards a broken heart. The love of her life called it quits, leaving Wynter along with all the hopes and dreams they once shared. Wynter throws herself into her job at Sparkle and Home. Hard work helps soothe her pain and the Christmas season is especially busy. She spends her days selling Christmas trees and wreaths. She spends her long, lonely nights trying to forget Ava.

When the shop’s elderly owner passes away, Wynter faces an uncertain future. To her dismay, Ava has returned to Dublin. Worse, she’s the shop’s new owner and Wynter’s new boss.

Ava Winchester has never forgotten Wynter or the time they shared together—in and out of Wynter’s 4-poster bed—but she harbours a guilty secret. She’s still in love with Wynter and regrets the choice she made to leave.

Now fate has brought them together again in Dublin—one of the most romantic cities at Christmastime. Wynter wants nothing to do with Ava, and Ava can’t risk confessing the truth. Like Wynter, Ava has a wounded heart. Ava’s determined to remain professional, and guard her secret yearning.
Even if it means another lonely Christmas…

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