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Promotional T-Shirts FTW :D

I designed an image that’s now available for sale on t-shirts. You can find them on Amazon here in the Amazon Fashion section. They’re available in a range of sizes and colours including white, slate and baby blue.

I used fonts and artwork that I had under license in the design and made up the slogan. I’m a frequent shopper on Thehungryjpeg, Fontbundles, Design Cuts, Etsy and CreativeMarket, and sites like that. I’m a big fan of fonts and artwork, as well as creating my own art (digital as well as painting, etc).

I’ve put a link to these up on the sidebar of my site. 🙂 I should mention I don’t sell them personally – another lady sells them with the brand ‘Love My Author T-Shirts.’ However, I’m excited that these are available and they have the url on them for my site.

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