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Selkie’s Freedom is Now Available!

Selkie's Freedom Book Cover

It’s taken me a day to finally post it here, but I’m happy to announce I’ve released Selkie’s Freedom! It’s the first novel-length book I’ve published under my Cailee Francis pen name (and under Lovelight Press), and it’s a F/F selkie/human paranormal romance.

Normally I just publish my books on Amazon and include them in Kindle Unlimited, but I’ve chosen not to include Selkie’s Freedom in KU, because I wanted to try listing it on some other sites too.

So here are some places you can find it:
Universal book link (which has links to my book on sites including Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Scribd, Google Play and other sites).

If you read it then I hope you enjoy it. It’s good to see reviews (if you happen to leave one). 🙂
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