Book Bundles

Love and Second Chances Books 1-3

Torn apart by circumstance. Reunited in love.

Love and Second Chances Books 1-3 is a collection of three contemporary and steamy second chance romance stories: Solace, Gravity and Beloved.

A second chance romance about friendship, new beginnings, and putting the pieces back together.
It’s been two years since the divorce. I’m still raw. A little lost. Out of nowhere, I cross paths online with Rae, my college love. When we’ve taken some time to catch up, she offers the last thing I expect: an invitation to visit her in Ireland. It’s the chance of a lifetime, but could it also mean a second chance with the one woman I’ve never forgotten?

A love like a force of nature. A second chance. Their last chance.
Caroline and I had an intense and passionate relationship, but we overwhelmed each other’s lives. I forced myself to walk away, but I’ve never stopped looking back. I didn’t expect to see her again, but life is full of surprises. We’ve both changed and grown, and I want to discover who she is now and if we can share a future together. Can I convince her to take a chance on me one last time?

Confronting the past isn’t always easy, especially when you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life.
Aisling and I were engaged to be married. I loved her, and I couldn’t imagine life without her by my side. Everything changed when an anonymous stranger sent me a letter claiming she was cheating on me. It was a lie, but it cast doubt in my heart and derailed our relationship. Years have passed, and when I hear from her out of the blue, I’m not sure what to think. I’ve missed her more than I care to admit, but we parted on uncomfortable terms. Should I give her another chance?

Reader Note: This collection contains three novella-length F/F contemporary romance books featuring sapphic love and adult language.

The Fae Souls Books 1-3

When I arrived at Prince Eldran’s estate, I had no memory of who I was or how I’d gotten there, but everything was prepared and waiting for me as though I’d been expected. As I struggled to piece together my past, I met Sorcha, whose memories were as fragmented as mine. We quickly became friends and our connection developed into one that I could only describe as magical. During the Prince’s glittering masquerade ball, I realised that I loved her deeply and I wanted to discover what it meant to share my life with her.Our love blossomed like the beautiful gardens that surrounded the estate, but something dark was brewing in the realm beyond the mansion. The fae had seemed a peaceable people, but there was much I’d forgotten and war has a way of opening your eyes to the truth. When it reached the shores of Prince Eldran’s enchanted island, Sorcha and I were forced to defend our home and fight for our lives.

We’ve faced so much, but malevolent forces threaten to tear us apart and destroy the life we’ve built together. Only through an unimaginable sacrifice can we hope to survive and help our people… but with so much at stake, can we conquer our enemies and ensure a future for our love?

Reader Note: This collection contains three novella-length F/F fantasy romance books (approximately 60,000 words total) featuring Sapphic love (the steamy and sweet kind), adult language, and unexpected danger. Two women, who will face any foe to keep their love intact and fight for their future, await you!

The Succubus Moon Books 1-3

Rose is a modern-day succubus, kidnapped by vampires while trying to track down her missing mother, Ella. That life-changing experience sets her on a path to trouble, danger, heroics and helping others, while the Succubus Moon approaches. Paranormal beings come into full power at certain pre-destined times, but the fabled Succubus Moon is said to have wrought madness, destruction and chaos on an unprecedented scale. Rose hasn’t seen one in her lifetime, but she’s about to – and she’s afraid of losing control of herself. The last thing she wants is to harm those she loves, especially Lisa.

Rose’s girlfriend Lisa is a kitchen witch and trainee chef. She leads a sedate life, except where it relates to her coven and Rose, of course. Her asexuality wouldn’t seem to complement Rose’s succubus nature, but they’ve found love, and a deep and lasting happiness together.

The problem is dark forces are gathering, with threats to themselves, Lisa’s coven and the people of Bellasford. They must fight to keep their happy life intact, protect each other and save who they can because trouble is coming.

Reader Note: This collection contains three novella-length F/F fantasy romance books (around 65,000 words total):
Darkling Rose, Seeking Witches and Rising Moon.
It features sapphic love (the steamy and sweet kind) and adult language. It also has the potential triggers of kidnapping and violence. This collection features two women who will fight for their friends, each other and to make the world a better place.