Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal – Seeking Witches (The Succubus Moon Book 2)

I’m currently working on the sequel to Darkling Rose, and I’ve chosen to prioritize it over my other upcoming books for the time being. The last few days I’ve been preparing the cover for the new book, which has a working title of Seeking Witches. It’s possible I might still change it (if I think of one I like more), but I think it works well.

The plot of book 2 will deal with disappearances from Lisa’s coven, as Lisa and Rose try to hunt down the perpetrator, and track down those who were taken. I don’t have a release date yet but I’m aiming for around a month’s time. I’ll post an update on here closer to the date. 🙂


Seeking Witches (The Succubus Moon Book 2)

In website-related news, I’ve added a Free Downloads section to my site, where I’ll make free book-related content available. So far I’ve added some Darkling Rose backgrounds (with a design I commissioned), and I have plans to add more in the near future.

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