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Gravity Now on Pre-order

Gravity (Love and Second Chances Book 2) is now on pre-order on Amazon. I just released Solace (Book 1) at the start of this month. I’ll be releasing Gravity in February 2021.

You can read more about Gravity here on Amazon.com, and find it here on Amazon.co.uk. It will be in Kindle Unlimited.

Here’s a description of Gravity:

Ivy and Caroline’s love felt like a force of nature. Will they find their second chance and stay together this time?

I’ve always loved Caroline, but sometimes love can be overwhelming. We met straight out of college, when I was working with an architectural firm. She was the new receptionist in the office—beautiful and vivacious, with deep red hair. I was swept up, head over heels for her—even though I knew I shouldn’t have been.

I didn’t realise it then, but I wasn’t ready for her to feel the same way about me. Caroline and I are both intense people and we don’t approach things by half measures. We overwhelmed each other’s lives in ways I knew weren’t healthy for me at the time, and I forced myself to walk away.

I regretted it, of course. My life felt empty without her, as though it had been drained of colour and life. I knew I was at a crossroads, and I needed to find those things in my life without her, or I’d never be truly complete.

Somehow I always knew she would return, and this time I feel ready for her if she chooses to stay.

I’ve never been that good at relationships, and I’ve come to expect they won’t work out. Ivy was my first love, and it’s been almost ten years since she left me. At first it was difficult, but I moved on. I saw a counsellor and a lot of things she told me rang true. She believed I never fully let go of Ivy, and I’ve come to realise she was right. My relationship with her shaped so much of my life.

For a while there, I lost control of myself—I became clingy and stalked another ex-lover of mine. I didn’t realise how lost I was, until I pulled myself back from the brink. I packed up my belongings, left Ireland and made a new life for myself in England. A fresh start, and it’s worked out incredibly well.

I ran into Ivy as I walked through Bristol Town Centre. She was standing in the sunshine eating an icecream. Ivy looked almost the same—from her soft blue eyes to her untamed curly hair, which I used to envy. When her gaze met mine, it was as though hardly a day had passed and she approached me with a smile, not the sadness she’d had when she’d walked away all those years ago.

It feels different this time—being in her presence again. We’ve both changed, and I’m curious to see how much. Is it true that life sometimes gives you another chance? After all I’ve done, would life do that for me?

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