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I’ve Joined Lovelight Press

I thought it was about time I posted some news here. I’ve been considering how best to proceed with my books and I’ve made a decision to continue writing F/F fantasy (and urban fantasy) romances, much as I have been with the Succubus Moon and the Fae Souls books.

I’ve now joined Lovelight Press and I’ll be publishing at least some of my books under their imprint. Going forward, I envision more novellas, as well as novels. I’ve had feedback from a few people to say they wished my books were longer, and it’s my intention that they will be. I’m no longer intending to publish erotica, but the romances I write will be steamy as they were before.

I’ve made the decision to concentrate on my F/F books for now, including a new paranormal fantasy series I have in the early stages. You might recognise it from the cover I shared of Muse’s Wish. Unlike my previous series, where the books had the same characters and an ongoing story, this new series is going to have loosely-connected books with different main characters. However, I’m intending these to be novel-length.

That’s how things stand at the moment. I’m intending to re-publish some of my books under the Lovelight Press imprint. I’m currently working on a contract project for someone else, so I’m going to be working on both of those things for the next while. The next book I’m planning to release (aside from a story bundle I’m considering) is the next Succubus Moon book. I don’t have a release date for it yet but I’ll post here when I do.

Thanks everyone. 😀



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