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New Book Bundle: The Fae Souls Books 1-3

It’s late in the night (or rather early hours of the morning), but I wanted to write a quick post to let you know that I’ve released a new 3-book collection of the Fae Souls novellas.

I recently joined LoveLight Press, and with this book I’m releasing them under the LoveLight Press imprint. Each novella in the book is around 20,000 words, so the bundle is around novel-length with around 60,000 words of F/F fantasy romance. 🙂

It’s been nicely formatted using Vellum (by a lovely author who went out of her way to format it for me), and it’s available for $3.99 on This offers a saving on buying the novellas individually.

You can find it here on and here on

For those of you who’ve wondered if I’ll be writing further books featuring Celina and Sorcha, it’s a long-term plan of mine once I finish some other writing projects.

Thanks everyone. 🙂 And I hope you enjoy the book.


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