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New Release – Love and Second Chances Books 1-3

I have a new release book collection out – Love and Second Chances Books 1-3. It features the first three novella-length F/F contemporary romance books in my Love and Second Chances series. These are Solace, Gravity and Beloved.

You can find the collection/boxed set on here and on here.

Here’s the description of the set:

Torn apart by circumstance. Reunited in love.

Love and Second Chances Books 1-3 is a collection of three contemporary and steamy second chance romance stories: Solace, Gravity and Beloved.

A second chance romance about friendship, new beginnings, and putting the pieces back together.
It’s been two years since the divorce. I’m still raw. A little lost. Out of nowhere, I cross paths online with Rae, my college love. When we’ve taken some time to catch up, she offers the last thing I expect: an invitation to visit her in Ireland. It’s the chance of a lifetime, but could it also mean a second chance with the one woman I’ve never forgotten?

A love like a force of nature. A second chance. Their last chance.
Caroline and I had an intense and passionate relationship, but we overwhelmed each other’s lives. I forced myself to walk away, but I’ve never stopped looking back. I didn’t expect to see her again, but life is full of surprises. We’ve both changed and grown, and I want to discover who she is now and if we can share a future together. Can I convince her to take a chance on me one last time?

Confronting the past isn’t always easy, especially when you’ve made the biggest mistake of your life.
Aisling and I were engaged to be married. I loved her, and I couldn’t imagine life without her by my side. Everything changed when an anonymous stranger sent me a letter claiming she was cheating on me. It was a lie, but it cast doubt in my heart and derailed our relationship. Years have passed, and when I hear from her out of the blue, I’m not sure what to think. I’ve missed her more than I care to admit, but we parted on uncomfortable terms. Should I give her another chance?

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