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Recent Cover Changes

As you may (or may not) have noticed, I’ve recently updated the covers of most of my books.
I create my own erotica and romance covers, and as my artistic abilities increased, I saw the potential to improve them further, so I decided it was about time. 🙂

In most cases I’ve kept the same stock art and changed the font, as well as some decorative elements on the covers. In case you’re curious, the new main font I’m using for my erotica titles is De Arloy, which is one of my new favourite fonts. I’ve gotten into fonts quite a bit lately. 🙂

The three major changes are with my novella, The Theatre of Fantasies, The Winter Warming Erotica Bundle, and the Mischief Bundle (Books 1-3 of the Nymphalicious Chronicles). These are some before and after images of the covers:


I think they look much better now with the new covers. I also re-formatted The Theatre of Fantasies and I think it looks much better for it.

If you have one or more of my books for Kindle e-book and want to update your covers/copies, you should be able to go into your Account on Amazon, your content and devices, and update your copy of the book there. I haven’t tried it before but I’m fairly sure it should update to the most recent version.

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