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A Reverie of Flames – Now Available!

I’ve finally released the third book in The Fae Souls series, A Reverie of Flames. I’m intending for there to be further books in the series, so this won’t be the last one, but it certainly advances the story and brings resolution to some elements of the plot.

The cover looks like this (it has changed slightly from my initial cover reveal):

You can find A Reverie of Flames here on and here on

It will be on special at $0.99/£0.99 for the first week of its release (until November 3rd). After that it will change to a normal price of $2.99.

While I plan to continue the story a bit further down the line, I’m also working on another new series that will come out after this one called The Succubus Moon. I have a planned release date around the end of the year for the first book, Darkling Rose.

I hope you enjoy this one (A Reverie of Flames) and I would certainly appreciate any reviews or comments with your thoughts on the book. Thanks. 🙂




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