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Writing Complete for Darkling Rose + Book News!

I have some good news, which you can no doubt tell from the heading. I’ve finished my draft of Darkling Rose and I’m planning to release it early to mid-April 2018. It’s the first book of the Succubus Moon series, and at the moment I’m intending there to be three books to the series, but I could write more if it does well or I feel like it. 🙂 It’s a F/F urban fantasy romance, where the two main characters are Rose (a succubus – that’s her with the pink hair) and her girlfriend Lisa (she’s a witch and asexual).

They have quite a unique pairing, but they’re very romantic and in love, and their relationship is poly. I’m not sure how some romance readers will interpret it, as it certainly veers away from your traditional fantasy romance, but I think it works well for them (and I enjoyed writing it).

I’ve done some more work on the cover since the last version, and this is how the final version should look. I’ve also commissioned two covers for upcoming books, but I made this one myself using art and fonts under license. I did a lot of hand-painting on it, which was fun and I’m happy with how it came out. I’ve arranged to have Darkling Rose formatted by a lady using Vellum, which is book formatting software that can create some truly beautiful results. If I like how it comes out, I might have my future books formatted using Vellum as well. The only thing is since I use a PC (and Vellum is Mac-only software), I won’t be able to make any future changes myself directly.

Speaking of commissions, in addition to Kiera’s Way, I also commissioned another cover recently (a pre-made with additional art) for a new book I’m planning called Muse’s Wish. Here’s a first glimpse of the new cover. 😀 At the moment I’m intending it to be novel or novella-length. I’m not quite sure how long a story it will end up just yet. I’ll post up some more information about it in the near future.

For the moment I’m intending to publish Kiera’s Way first, but my muse is running away with me on this one. Once I get my next book out after Darkling Rose, I’m going to prioritize working on the second book of the Succubus Moon series. I’ll announce the title when I’m closer to completing it (possibly at the same time as the cover reveal).

I’ve sourced more art for the rest of the Succubus Moon series already, so I have what I need to make them. It’s just a matter of finding the time, which is divided between different projects and responsibilities at the moment.

At the moment I’m aiming for a release date for Darkling Rose of around the 7th or 8th April. I’m looking at an early-June release for Kiera’s Way, which will be a M/F post-apocalyptic romance. I’ll post up some more information too about Kiera’s Way, its characters and plot closer to the release date.

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