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Writing Complete for Seeking Witches (The Succubus Moon Book 2)!

I’m happy to say I completed my draft of Seeking Witches last night. This book’s taken longer than I was expecting (or had planned) because I was contracted for a writing job, and I’ve had a fair bit of graphic design work coming in.

Seeking Witches is being proofread as we speak, and I have plans to submit it for formatting at the end of the month. Yes, that isn’t far away!

The lady who’s formatting my books (she started with Darkling Rose) does so using Mac software called Vellum, and I really like the results. 🙂 I’m looking forward to getting it back, but first I have to get it ready.

I’ll post again when my book’s available (and to my mailing list too). It won’t be long now.

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