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Book Release – Lady Lust

A Mockup Image of a Book called Lady Lust by Zarla Dawn and Cailee Francis.

I’m a little bit slow in posting about it here, but I’ve released a new F/F erotica story collection called Lady Lust. It’s by Zarla Dawn & Cailee Francis (both are my pen names) and it features 10 F/F erotica stories for your reading pleasure.

If you’re interested in checking it out, you can find it here on It’s also available wide with other retailers (this is the link here). You can also read the stories individually on my Zarla Dawn page on The e-book published versions have more editing.

I’ve published a number of story collections recently under my Zarla Dawn name, with different pairings, but so far this is the only F/F one. I do have another one in the works though, which I should have done in a couple of months time.

Thanks, and if you read Lady Lust, I hope you enjoy it!

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