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New Release – Smitten: A Writerly Lesfic Romance

I have a new release that came out on the 7th April. Smitten: A Writerly Lesfic Romance is out now on Amazon and it’s in Kindle Unlimited.

Smitten is book 5 in my Love and Second Chances series. Each novella-length book has a different couple finding their second chance romance. Smitten tells the story of Caitlin (a romance writer) and Iris (a veterinary nurse).

You can find it here on and here on

This is the blurb for Smitten:

It Takes Two to Write a Love Story

A writing retreat brings Caitlin and Iris together at a secluded cabin in the mountains. Caitlin is a successful romance novelist and Iris is a struggling veterinary nurse who seeks solace in her diary. They’re both deeply romantic souls who share a love of writing.

Soon, they realise their paths have crossed before. It has been eight years since they met at a friend’s wedding. They spent the night talking and dancing, followed by an unforgettable night of passion. The memory had woven itself into their souls; a bittersweet reminder of what could have been.

Although life led them in separate directions, neither of them has forgotten that night. Then and now, destiny has brought them together.

Will they repeat the past? Or will they finally surrender to their feelings and transform them into something more powerful?

Thanks for reading. 😀

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